Building Up Social Solidarity Economy (BUSSE)

1. 8. 2021 - Maroš Prčina

Was an Erasmus+ project focusing on disseminating SSE know-how and practices in Central and Eastern Europe. Main goal of the project was to enhance peoples’ skills and knowledge of SSE and its transformative potential.

To achieve that, project partners have developed an informal educational programme and publications with focus on four themes from SSE: Starting up, Community Building, Cooperatives, and Food Sovereignty.

One of the two publications, Infopack: Building Up Social Solidarity Economy was created to be a practical guideline for any future trainers and lecturers on the topic of SSE. The other publication, Booklet: Building up Social Solidarity Economy is aiming to wrap up practical know-how necessary to start and run an enterprise or initiative based on SSE principles.

The project was conducted in partnership by:

Ekumenická akademie (Czech Repubmic)

Stowarzyszenie Kooperatywa Spożywcza “Dobrze” (Poland)

Utopia (Slovakia)

Katholische Sozialakademie Österreichs (Austria),


An important part of the project was also local and international events leading to cooperation and networking on both regional and Europian scale.


Ekumenická akademie

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