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About us

The Ecumenical Academy Prague (EAP)

is an independent non-governmental non-profit organisation that is engaged in the field of adult education. The EAP organises seminars, conferences and workshops on issues in the fields of culture, politics, church and society, social justice, sustainable development, North-South divide etc. The EAP is active in networking with partner institutions in the country, in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and throughout the whole of Europe. In some cases the EAP also takes part in campaigning and lobbying or it undertakes research activities.

The Academy started its work in 1995 and was registred in January 1996. Its current members are institutional churches/church institutions (The Czechoslovak Hussite Church; The Orthodox Church; The Silesian Lutheran Church; The Old Catholic Church, The Community of Christians) as well the Czech Union of Catholic Women, the Czech Cultural Association Mariona, The Protestant Academy Meissen, The Association of Friends of Protestant Academy Meissen, The Ecumenical Information Centre Dresden (both Germany), Association Evangelische Akademikerschaft (Germany) and individual members from different backgrounds and nationalities.

The EAP is a member of Oikosnet (formerly Ecumenical Association of Academies and Lay Centres in Europe), of the network EURODAD, a founding member of NGDO´s Czech Forum for Development Co-operation (FoRS), of the Czech Association for Fair Trade and of the Czech anti-poverty campaign, member of the Economy and Society Trust and of the network Dévelopment et Civilisation . The EAP closely co-operates with the following European networks: Work and Economy Network in European Churches (WEN) and European Contact Group (ECG; a founding member of ECG Czech) and on some important programmes with the Conference of European Churches and with the World Council of Churches.
There are dozens of other partners including churches, church related organisations, national and international NGOs.

In recent years, the EAP has organised about 40 different events annually. It works mainly in Prague, but some projects are run in other places in the Czech Republic or even abroad. Most of them involve co-operation with some partners. In many cases the Academy does pioneer work with its partners, introducing new issues into the public discussion and initiating new activities at home or even in the Central European region (e.g. Jubilee campaign, combating the trafficking of women, fair trade etc.). Since 2010 is EAP the first Czech member of World Fair Trade Organisation.


Ekumenická akademie

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