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Financial Claims of the Czech Republic in Developing Countries

2. 5. 2019 - Karolína Silná
The publication Financial Claims of the Czech Republic in Developing Countries provides basic information concerning the development of financial claims and obligations (i.e. debt) of the developing countries towards the Czech Republic, primarily from the 1990s up to 2017 and in the context of the development of the post–socialist country and its relation to the developing countries. The authors also pointed out particular ways to get rid of the debt that were chosen in the period in question.

Ecumenical Academy 2016 Annual Report

31. 8. 2017 - Karolína Silná

In many ways, 2016 was a turning point for us. We celebrated 20 years of the Ecumenical Academy (EA), and in May we said goodbye to its founder and long-time director Jiří Silný, who left his post after 20 years to become a member of the EA Committee. You can read more about EA's activities in 2016 in the new Annual Report.

The Ecumenical Academy and its journey

2. 8. 2016 - Jiří Silný
"For me personally, the exceptional and irreplaceable nature of the EA, which I led for twenty years, lies in openness, in an attempt to cross borders and look for wider contexts, in the process of learning: between the personal, local and global; between praxis and reflection; between the rational, the spiritual and the ethical. I think this is a good direction." - writes Jiří Silný, the founder and former director of Ecumenical Academy, in the text The Ecumenical Academy and its journey, which summarizes the 20 years history of the organization.

Book "Food and Democracy: Introduction to Food Sovereignty"

7. 9. 2011 - Jiří Silný
The book “Food and Democracy: Introduction to Food Sovereignty”, published by Polish Green Network, is a collection of articles, written by renowned experts, on various aspects of food sovereignty. The articles present the biggest challenges related to feeding the world in the XXI century, explain the need for the participatory democracy in dealing with the problem of hunger, and show how the principles of food sovereignty could be realized along the food chain, starting with access to land, then on a farm, and in a local economy.

The Ecumenical Academy Prague and its activities on fair trade

21. 8. 2011 - Jiří Silný
A big part of the Academy’s educational as well as practical activities is connected to the issue of alternatives to the so-called free trade. The article was written thanks to the project “Central European partnership for sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty”, co-financed by International Visegrad Fund.

Activities and initiatives in the countries of the Visegrad Group for sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty

21. 8. 2011 - Jiří Silný
Project “Central European partnership for sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty”, co-financed by International Visegrad Fund, brings together organizations from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Ecumenical Academy Prague is one of the project partner. The objective of the project is to build partnership and strengthen cooperation among non-governmental organizations from the Visegrad Group countries in the field of supporting fair, sustainable and ecological food production and consumption both in Europe and in the Global South.

Debt as an obstacle to development

21. 8. 2011 - Jiří Silný
The Ecumenical Academy Prague (Ekumenická akademie Praha – EAP) has been concerned with the matter of sovereign debts since the end of 1990s. The article was written thanks to the project “Central European partnership for sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty”, co-financed by International Visegrad Fund.

Foxconn – an appalling showcase for the global electronics sector

8. 6. 2010 -
Over the past months a wave of suicides has occurred at the Foxconn plant of Longhua in southern China. 12 employees all between 18 and 24 years old have attempted to commit suicide; reportedly 10 workers have died, two have survived but suffer injuries. Foxconn is a Taiwanese electronics giant, manufacturing for all major global electronics brands.


4. 12. 2009 -
What has happened to workers in the supply chains of Nokia, Philips, Panasonic, IBM, HP, Lenovo, Sanmina, Jabil and Flextronics in Mexican factories during 2008 and 2009? 6000 jobs lost, massive dismissals, a 10% reduction in wages, an increase in temporary three-month and monthly contracts for workers in the industry from 40 to 60%.


11. 8. 2009 -
Tisková zpráva Světové rady církví

Green me up, Scotty: William Shatner targets Hewlett-Packard for toxic waste

4. 8. 2009 -
Hewlett-Packard pledged to stop using dangerous plastics in its computers by 2009. It broke that promise. Will a company-wide voicemail from William Shatner make it change its mind?

A statement for ACER from Environmental Groups in Taiwan

4. 8. 2009 -
Environmental groups have been highly concerned about the impacts of electronic manufacturers on the
environment and society for a long time.

Flextronics pointed at for harsh denial of workers demands in Mexico

4. 8. 2009 -
Information provided by labour rights organisation CEREAL and the Electronic Industry Workers Coalition (EIWC).

New publication: “Buy IT fair – Guideline for Sustainable Procurement of Computers”

29. 7. 2009 -
Procure IT fair campaign publishes “Buy IT fair”, a guideline that show how public institutions can avoid buying IT-products that were produced under violation of working rights.

A new report by Global Witness, entitled ‘Faced with a gun, what can you do?

29. 7. 2009 -
A new report by Global Witness, entitled ‘Faced with a gun, what can you do?’, details how companies are buying from suppliers who trade in minerals from the warring parties. Many mining areas in eastern DRC are controlled by rebels and the national army, who violently exploit civilians to retain access to valuable minerals, including cassiterite (tin ore), coltan and gold. Cassiterite and coltan are used to make mobile phones, computers and other electronics, among other things.

“No Choice but to Fight!”

29. 7. 2009 -
A documentation of battery women workers’ struggle for health and dignity - nová publikace

SACOM and WEED publish open letter to Fujitsu calling for constructive engagement with civil society

19. 6. 2009 -
In February 2009, SACOM and WEED published an updated version of the report “The Dark Side of Cyberspace" describing among other issues the sub-standard working conditions at Dongguan-based Excelsior Electronics and Compeq Technology in Huizhou, suppliers to Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC).

Tisková zpráva SACOM

9. 6. 2009 -
With new Apple business on the horizon,

Wintek keeps costs down by

suppressing strike in mainland China

Electronics TakeBack Coalition about e-waste

18. 5. 2009 -
The Electronics TakeBack Coalition, which promotes responsible recycling and green design in the electronics industry, lauded Dell’s e-waste policy as the highest standard in the industry.

Thousands of consumers call for fair mobile phones makeITfair hands over signatures to mobile phone companies

18. 5. 2009 -
Amsterdam, 15.05.09: On the occasion of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on May 17, thousands of signatories will put pressure on mobile phone companies across Europe to pay greater attention to fair labour standards.

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